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Possibly the sexiest show on in London right now.

And sexy in a really understated way. There's no cheap trick burlesque, no tassel shaking and no baby-oiled groin thrusting here.... no, this is a hot, sweaty, sadistic kind of eroticism from this mostly Austrialian acrobatic circus troupe.

Held in a gloriously old time spiegeltent, over the space of one hour the cast lead you through romantic ukulele songs, dance pieces, tight rope walks and mime orientated physical theatre pieces - all with a nod to the circus freakshow. This gang of sinewy and lithe performers continually wow and will have you gasping for breath every ten minutes. Atleast.

One of the boys regularly shows off his immaculate physique, while another hairier fellow takes great delight in failing to cover his full frontal nudity. And what he can do with a red clown nose will probably give you the biggest gasp of the evening... but we won't spoil that for you.

The whole cast fling eachother around with a thrilling viciousness, and some of the moves done in high heels will fill you with both awe and abject horror. There really is nothing quite like this show on at the moment and we can't think of a better way of spending a balmy summer evening on the Southbank.

Get your tickets from while you can, and here's a little tip for you – get there early. You're seated as you arrive and they'll put you nearerer the front if you flirt with the handsome ushers.

***** (5 Stars)

Image: Conan Whitehouse

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