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We’ll Never Close Our Eyes

We’re too busy watching the new Adam Lambert video.

After making history this month by being the first openly gay male artist to reach the number one spot on the billboard charts with his album Trespassing, Adam Lambert has followed up his success with the release of a shiny, new video for his single Never Close Our Eyes. Co-written by Bruno Mars, the catchy tune has some serious synths and heavy dance beats showing the potential for a good club hit that will have us throwing some moves around any dance floor … well providing that the light is flattering.

The video set in a post apocalyptic research facility shows Glambert waking up in a place where Put Your Hands Up for Detroit by Fedde Le Grand meets Gaga’s Bad Romance video. Lambert is in a world where individuality is crushed and all actions are monitored, perhaps Glambert’s comment on a restrictive society. Towards the end of the video the repressive set is transformed through rebellion and of course a flashy dance number.

It’s a classically camp and uplifting story of freedom of expression breaking through the oppression of authority. The concept fits in nicely with the album themes of dark vs. light and suppression vs. self-affirmation. With such a positive message from an openly gay singer it can’t go far wrong in our eyes.

Plus, when you factor in some badass fog machines, rainbow lights and throw a bit of neon into the mix, you’ve got us hooked and ready for the dance number, the colourful climax of the clip celebrating freedom and individuality. Plus not many people could pull off a neon suit but Glambert manages just fine, looking undeniably hot in this video, which is always a bonus.

Defeating oppression and authority through the power of dance, it’s an incredibly gay notion and we love it! Enjoy.

Pick up the new Glambert album here.

Words: Jack Mottram

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