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Les Mis

Hugh Jackman stares into the distance. *swoon*

Since dominating Awards Season back in 2011, Tom Hooper has been beavering away at a little stage adaptation of Les Misérables and today the trailer has given us an initial glimpse of the film. Les Misérables has been a West End and Broadway staple for almost three decades. While I Dreamed A Dream may be more commonly associated with Susan Boyle these days, Anne Hathaway does a sterling job of reminding us why we loved the show in the first place.

With some dashing shots of our crushes Eddie Redmayne and Hugh Jackman, this looks like it might be a worthy adaptation of the stage production. The classy cinematography that Hooper demonstrated in The King’s Speech looks to be in full swing here. While we only hear Hathaway sing, we know that Jackman can belt out a tune and if you think back to Mamma Mia (which we often do) you’ll remember that Amanda Seyfried isn’t too shoddy either. Thankfully, Anne has no need to try and replicate a Yorkshire accent again. We’re still having nightmares about One Day.

The film also stars Helena Bonham Carter (clearly a Hooper fave) and Sacha Baron Cohen, who can currently be seen in ALL his glory at any cinema showing The Dictator.

If you can’t wait until 14 December to see the film, we recommend you try the stage show.

Words: Joshua Hammond

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