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Baby Come Home

Boozy new Scissor Sisters Video

You must all know by now that Jake Shears and Babydaddy from Scissor Sisters are gracing our current issue’s front page. Inside they talk about everything from their upbringings to their newest album, Magic Hour. This morning a brand new video for the single Baby Come Home exploded onto the web. Check it out below:

The video is a series of beer bottle labels coming to life as the Scissor Sisters performing Baby Come Home. Animated beer bottles coming to life and Scissor Sisters? Sounds like our kind of party. The sight of Del Marquis rowing with those beasty mutton-chops is worth the watch alone, but, the track is also great fun.

In addition to this Scissor Sisters extravaganza, we came across this superb video of Josh Homme, lead singer of Queens Of The Stone Age, trying to sell copies of Magic Hour. In an aside during our fantastic interview Shears mentioned his friendship to Homme: “Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age and I are friends and I fucking love him but I’m still waiting for the call to work with him. Eventually we’ll go into the studio together.”

Their friendship is clearly close enough for Homme to disco up his act and try and flog as many copies of Magic Hour as possible. Homme describes the album as a “combination of rhythm and romance, that you’ve never heard before” before going on to chat about “lyricscapes”. We’re not sure we’ve ever even heard the word “lyricscapes” before, never mind in a Scissor Sisters album ad.

The sight of Homme’s tattooed knuckles caressing the CD case for the album reminds us of terrible TIMElife teleshopping ads before the Saturday cartoons began at 7 and the clips of mad 70’s dancers is also a great little extra. We just can’t help wondering if that Cramps logo on the back of Homme’s jacket would look better sequined.

The new album is available to preorder here for considerably less that “Three small payments of $19.99.9”

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