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Royal Swedish Army Of Eurovison

The Royal Swedish Army Band performs Euphoria.

Like most of you this weekend, we were sat at home cuddled up with a jumbo bag of M&M’s watching the campest display TV has to offer. For the few that were unaware, this Saturday The Eurovision Song Contest blasted out of our TV in all its technicolor splendour. Fairly unsurprisingly, the UK did not fare well, regardless of Engelbert Humperdinck’s mighty allegiance of fans. Loreen of Sweden was crowned Champion.

In recognition of the victory, as gay as it may be, the Royal Swedish Army Band performed a rendition of the winning anthem. This is possibly the coolest thing since the Welsh Guard played the Imperial March when King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia arrived at Buckingham Palace on a state visit.

Now, here at GT we’re positive that it wasn’t only the track that won Loreen her title, it was the bonkers dancing that accompanied it. We would pay good money to see these guys perform whilst also doing that weird Kate Bush/ MC Hammer scuttle.

With the Jubilee around the corner somebody needs to organize the royal guards to bash out a rendition of Love Will Set You Free just to show some solidarity with the Hump despite his placing this weekend.

Loreen and the track can be found here

Words: Joshua Hammond

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