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Madonna was Born This Way?

The pop icon expresses herself.

Last year when Lady Gaga’s Born This Way was released similarities were immediately drawn up between the single and Madonna’s 1989 single Express Yourself, causing a controversy. Claws were drawn between Madonna’s fan base and Gaga’s Little Monsters. Madonna herself held off in commenting on the similarities for almost a whole year, until an interview on ABC’s show 20/20 where she described the song as ‘reductive’. Now it appears Madge has still not let this issue drop.

The Singer was filmed during rehearsals for her MDNA tour, set to launch in Tel Aviv this Thursday, singing her Express Yourself single when she threw a little cover of Gaga’s Born This Way into the mix, followed up by what may have been an intentionally timed rendition of her 2008 song She’s Not Me from her Hard Candy album. Check it out.

We find Madonna’s comments on Born This Way quite amusing, especially when we are reminded that the upbeat tune takes its main theme from the 1965 song Respect by Otis Redding. What is it that they say about divas in glass houses? Since Madonna has described Born This way as ‘reductive’, it does raise the question if it’s so reductive to Express Yourself, then why has she included it in her tour?

We think this could be because of one of a few reasons;

1. Is she taking a swipe at her pop contemporary for the similarities between the songs? Hinted at by the mix going into a subtle She’s Not Me. If so … Meow!

2. After her new album MDNA debuted in the number one spot, Madonna then took the record for biggest second weeks sales percentage drop for a number one album. Since then Madge hasn’t been in the press much, so is this her attempt of riding on the back of Gaga’s fame?

3. This may just be a tongue in cheek rendition of Gaga’s song, intending to poke a bit of fun at the media controversy sparked by the similarity between the two anthems.

4. It could be Madonna’s way of paying homage to Gaga and more importantly the messages of the songs. After all Gaga has openly spoken of her influences including Madonna, and Madonna has acknowledged Gaga to be a very talented artist.

But who knows for sure. Either way, it’s Madonna and Gaga all rolled into one big gay song of self love … Heaven!

Now we love a good battle of the divas and both Madonna and Gaga have a very loyal and outspoken fan bases. So we wonder how this will go. *Sits back and grabs popcorn.*

In the mean time refresh your memory of the two pop tunes below.

Words: Jack Mottram

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