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Paloma Faith is out4marriage.

In time for her Fall to Grace.

Today Paloma Faith joined one of the biggest debates in current affairs. It’s on everyone’s lips at the moment. And for those of you who have been living in a hole, just to let you know the campaign for equality in marriage is exploding into an international discussion.

Paloma Faith has today released a video expressing her support for equality in marriage as part of the out4marriage campaign, a youtube video campaign that is speaking out in support of equality marriage in a similar way to the Trevor Project, better known as the It Gets Better videos … how did we manage before youtube? In taking part in the campaign Faith is joining ranks of people such as Sir Richard Branson and girl group The Saturdays, as well as current Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham.

We’re very happy Faith is supporting this campaign especially after her new single Picking Up the Pieces debuted at number 7 in the U.K charts last week, it’s a good thing that someone who is in the public eye at the moment is expressing her support for marriage equality. It’s a worthy cause, and the more exposure it gets the better. The release of this out4marriage video has coincided with the release of Faith’s new album Fall to Grace that also came out today … how handy for her. If this means more press that brings attention to supporting equal marriages for all then we are all for it.

Since even before the out4marriage campaign we have loved Paloma Faith, she was even our straight crush at one point, and her campaigning for our marital rights just raises her in our estimations. So see for yourself and check out the Paloma Faith out4marriage video below.

Don’t forget to show your support for out4marriage, and for those of you who love Faith’s music and are fans of her work as well as her ideals, grab Faith’s new album Fall to Grace here.

Words: Jack Mottram

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