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Arrow by The Irrepressibles

We heard you enjoyed watching toned naked guys wrestle...

Admire below:

This beautiful video is for The Irrepressibles’ Arrow. In the world of music videos, it is common to see generic displays of fauxmotion that largely involve the band or artist playing in a variety of different locales or some forced plot (we’re looking at you Rihanna). It is refreshing to see a band take an entirely different path. The Irrepressibles’ lead singer and composer Jamie McDermott directed this striking feature with striking features to accompany the new single. We’re wondering how McDermott came up with idea to have two models fight with one another, and why nobody thought of it earlier.

Beautifully minimalist, the video features Theo Stacy and Jordan Hunt locked in a violent and naked embrace. McDermott’s vocals and the orchestral music rings out over the top of these two young men grappling with one another. The achingly slow music mixed with the images in the video creates a superb experience in its entirety. The washed out colours of the studio and the models’ bodies give the video an aesthetic more akin to a beautiful photography than a music video, which can only be a good thing. The beautiful naked men didn’t hurt either.

Get the track here.

Words: Joshua Hammond

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