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Kylie’s Timebomb

Kylie’s new video Timebomb is here and it’s a blast.

We we’re very happy to come in this morning and find that the new Kylie video Timebomb has been released. The replay button has inevitably been thoroughly abused today.

The single has an upbeat, electronic dance sound; she knows what we like to hear. It’s classic, feel good Kylie, and that’s the way we love her. Timebomb features a bouncy beat that builds up to a catchy hook in the chorus that you just can’t help but dance to.

The video follows Kylie round the streets of Soho, London. Where she caused quite a stir during filming last month. We see Kylie looking as iconic as ever in those legendary hot pants that we love. If only they looked as good on us. The video has elements that remind us of Madonna’s Ray of Light video, and Kylie’s own Come Into my World. But ultimately it is a great video because it’s Kylie having a great time and shaking that booty around Soho. Considering how catchy the song is, its more than likely that we will be doing the same thing next time we’re in Soho. To put it simply, we love it!

Kylie will also be performing the single live on The Voice this Sunday BBC1, so don’t miss it.

The single has been released as part of K25, a year celebrating Kylies 25 years in the music business. 25 years and she still looks so fantastic, we’re brimming over with jealousy. Also as part of K25 Kylie will be releasing her Best Of album alongside a performance for the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace on the 4 June. And if that’s not enough for all you avid Kylie fans she will be headlining the BBC’s Proms in the Park on 8 September. So many Kylie events! We may just explode with happiness.

Words: Jack Mottram

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