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Eurovision Parties Round Up

For those of you who aren't already booked in for the 'Gay World Cup'

Eurovision: A night of vibrant, camp frivolity filled with more glitter than even Gaga’s creative mind could conceive. It’s the night of the year that we fill with sequined costumes, eccentricity and fantastically cheesy euro pop... well, at least more than usual.

So if you haven’t yet made plans for the gayest night of the year then you may want to put on your most flamboyant outfit and shine up those dancing shoes before heading down to Eurovision Mega Party at Hackney Attic. A night that promises to be filled with themed cocktails, costume prizes, dance-offs and free goody bags. What more could anyone ask for from an extravagant and deliciously cringe-worthy Eurovision night? Tickets are £10 and if all that’s included isn’t motivation enough, part of the ticket proceeds are being donated to Children in Need. In addition they’ll be volunteers from Stonewall and Terrence Higgins Trust raising money for their respective charities. Check out the event here, Or see the Facebook page.

If you can’t make it to Hackney Attic this Saturday here are some other Eurovision events happening around the UK:

Liverpool Pride Eurovision Fundraiser Smash! at FACT! Picture House

Eurovision 2012 Party at Taurus Bar, Canal Street, Manchester

Fierce Eurovision for THT at Charles Street Bar/Envy.

Free Entry Eurovision Party at Trader Joe’s, Glasgow.

Eurovision at Cinema City, Norwich. Raising money for local LGBT organisations.

For those of you can’t attend any of the Eurovision-centric festivities you could always participate in this camp cultural phenomenon by throwing your own Eurovision party. Something that we greatly encourage, after all we wouldn’t want you to miss out on one of the great events of the gay season. If you throw a Eurovision party do justice to the gaiety of the occasion. Get dressed up and make sure your guests do the same. Break out the neon, spandex and bad wigs, throw some booze and mixer in a bowl and give it some Eurovision-esque cocktail name, the addition of edible glitter will make it even more suitable for the occasion. And finally – and perhaps most importantly – get your house decorated, preferably with pics of those euro hunks, the less clothes the better. We don’t care if it’s tacky. This is Eurovision after all.

But if your just bursting with excitement and can’t hold on till Saturday to dance exuberantly to that trashy euro pop that we just can’t get enough of then slide your sequined self on down to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for the VoyageVoyage – Volume 3: 21st Eurovision Special on Friday night opening at 10pm and let the Eurovision festivities commence a bit earlier. Here is how they're getting in the mood -

A drag queen with six tits... how fitting.

It’s a sad time when the inevitable happens and on Sunday it’s over. After all a year is a long time to wait for such a momentous and eccentric occasion to happen again. So we are pleased to announce that the frivolity can continue, thanks to the good people at MixPixie with your very own personalised Eurovision CD which we were happy to discover can be purchased here. So grab yourself a unique copy and keep the vivacious spirit of Eurovision going. It’s a purchase that you will give a full douze points.

Words: Jack Mottram
Image: Elke Roels, Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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