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Moving in the right direction with Beth Ditto

New Gossip video ahoy

It’s a special thing to have a song that walks the fine line between being feel good, and still having a wicked dance element to it. But then if there is one thing that Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has proven, it's that she is a special lady.

Her band’s latest single, Move In The Right Direction has all the elements of a perfect pride anthem. It tells the listener to pack up their worries and move on with their lives, all the while tapping out a great beat which is mixes well with a disco-like backing track. It’s true that the song does not bear the classic appeal of I Am What I Am, and neither does it blast you to the stratosphere like Born This Way’. That all being said it still manages to be shamelessly watchable and will have you hitting repeat one more than once to keep the music going. (and it actually reminds us a bit of this)

As far as the video is concerned, it manages to be camp and our dear Ditto dancing disco and looking scarily like Tracy Turnblad, with a cadre of well-toned backing dancers. The singer takes centre stage as the words of the song pop up in the background making this feel like extremely high quality karaoke. But rather than distract the viewer it just reinforces the addictive quality of the track, and leaves us in no doubt that we will be singing it ourselves after one or two repeats.

Move In The Right Direction

Words: Scott McMullon

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