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Eurovision 2012 Top 5 Hottest Acts

Who are you rooting for?

This Saturday marks the gayest night of the year- with more sequins, disco beats and camp costumes than Brighton, Manchester and London pride all rolled into one. Prepare yourself for Eurovision 2012!

This year our gracious host city is Baku in Azerbaijan and although the finalists have yet to be announced with the semi finals held tonight and Thursday, here at GT we thought we would get you in the Eurotrash mood by counting down the 5 hottest acts from this year’s line up.

5: Jedward

Like a bad rash or that twinky boy you picked up on the weekend you can’t seem to get rid of, this act seem to pop up everywhere. At number 5 Ireland’s entry, which is the bouncing entity known as Jedward. The twin-factor is a large part of what makes these boys such a guilty pleasure, but we also can’t say no to the bright and glittery costumes they wear. It is true they do have more energy then many of us are used to, but think how exciting it would be if that energy was harnessed and channelled into different activities…no? ;-).

4: Litesound

Although the rather oppressive political nature of the country usually precludes them from a place in the final, Belarus’ Litesound are all gorgeous enough to make it to number 4 on our list. Their classic good looks and ‘The Calling’-like melodies together make us generally quite upset that they won’t be in Baku on Saturday night.

3: Anggun

The entry at number 3 may come as a bit of surprise as the act is not really any of our types, but France’s (female) Anggun reaches number three because of the music video. Set in a military camp where men do press-ups and receive medicals in their white briefs the video instantly got our attention. Fingers crossed the live performance is as similar to a Dolce & Gabbana advert. The song is not too bad either.

2: Tooji

With his stylish dress sense, snake like hips and strong vocals Tooji from Norway comes second place. Not only does he ooze sex appeal, but the song just makes you want to drag him to the dance floor and grind him until it’s over…is it us or is it getting a little hott in hurrrrr?

1: Roman Lob

Number one - who could beat so much hot competition? No it’s not Engelbert Humperdinck (he was our number 6), but instead it is Roman Lob from Germany. This boy is classically cute, but his style, tattoo and designer stubble give him enough of an edge to make us want to pick up the phone and vote for Germany this weekend. We hope many other people are also encouraged to vote for him (looks, voice – it doesn’t matter) because Germany is probably the only country left in Europe with enough money to host a good Eurovision 2013.

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Words: Matthew Isard
Photo: Alain Douit (EBU)

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