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We Own The Night

Tiësto & Wolfgang Gartner feat. Luciana

What you may not realise is that Luciana has been around on the music scene for longer than she lets on; since way back in 1994, when GT was only... (speak for yourself! - Ageism Editor). And personally, we think she doesn’t get enough recognition.

Luciana was microphone belting way before The Ting Tings and rocking funky street style long before Jessie J. But more than just a pioneer for punk attitude, whacky fashion and signature vocals, she’s also one smokin’ hot songwriter (penning tracks for the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole and Miss Kylie Minogue). We’ve heard some good stuff from Luciana in the past (Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah anyone?) and from Tiësto for that matter (Adiago For Strings), so it only makes sense that these two original children of Club life would collaborate for this Summer’s electro house anthem. We Own The Night promises to be a club smash with Tiësto softening his style and Luciana toughening hers to meet smack bang in the middle.
We Own The Night is “Dedicated to DJs all over the World” and when the electro interlude kicks in at the Ibiza closing parties, we’ll be putty in his hands. The video (and song) is the epitome of that “we-don’t-want-to-go-home-yet” moment (we know you know what we’re talking about).

One for the iPod pavement-pounding playlist we’ll be strutting our way to and from the GT towers, only imaging we’re carrying a hefty boom box.

How does she do it? Have a look…

As you can see in her video Luciana loves the gays, and we’ll be the first to say that we love her too! And we give her full kudos on the eyebrows.

We Own The Night is now available to download on itunes

Words:Anthony Gilét

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