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Dare to wear?

We’re not so cock-sure about this one…

We’ve heard of “wearing your heart on your sleeve” but wearing your dick on your leg is a first. Evidentially the latest trend, according to Bas Kosters Studio, are t-shirts with saveloys and cocks on them. Hmmm… Better not get those two confused at the dinner table.

Or you have the option of a penis-print on a pair of leggings for men. We didn’t even know that leggings for men had come into the fashion stakes, let alone ones so explicit. What would our grandma say if we turned up to Sunday dinner in those?

And if mincing through the gym from foot to hip in an array of cocks isn’t your thing, there are always shiny silver ones as a more subtle option. As if metallic leggings weren’t quite gay enough, they have the word ‘faggot’ scrawled across them. At least you won’t have to tell the office you’re gay when casual Friday comes around… (Or that you’re a ‘whore’ for that matter).

For the butcher men you can have a similar design on a vest, complete with hieroglyphics of, yep, you guessed it – more cocks. No points for guessing what was on the designers mind that day…

To be fair when we said we could do with a bit more cock, we didn’t mean in our wardrobe. But despite the fact these fashion-backward pieces look like they may have been pitched by a dog on heat, the question is, have you got the balls to wear them?

And if the answer’s yes, we recommend keeping the sparkly ones for the disco, otherwise you might end up looking like a bit of a knob.

Words:Anthony Gilét

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