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The love story no-one ever told you…

Affection, seduction, obsession, repression and the bitter-sweet tragedy of young love…

No, not a night in your local gay club. We’re talking higher culture here… These are just a few of the words that people can ascribe to Lilies, one of the finest works of award winning Canadian playwright, Michael Marc Bourchard.

The play explores the fortunes of Simon Doucet, a man who suffered a painful betrayal which led to him being imprisoned for 40 years. Doucet then begins his own journey to seek a confession from his old friend Jean Bilodeau, and reveal the bitter and painful truth which had been kept secret for four decades and cost Doucet his freedom. With a premise this dark and intriguing it’s hard to not be immediately curious about what secrets and lies are about to be uncovered. The show makes the brave pronouncement that it’s ‘the love story that no-one ever told you’, and with its intriguing premise and the wide amount of critical praise this rendition has received it may just live up to the tagline.

The play, originally published under the name Les feluettes, went on to win several awards in the early 1990’s. The play was even reimagined as a feature film Lilies in 1996 which garnered tremendous critical acclaim from gay audiences all over Canada and America.

Lilies has returned to the stage and began touring the UK earlier this month. The revival began its new run in Dublin and has already received tremendous praise. The next stop on Lilies tour will be the Malborough Theatre for Brighton Fringe in four performance stop from 16 May, before it winds its way back up to Greenwich Theatre in London for a three day run from 1 June. Check their website and buy your tickets now to see what all the fuss is about.

Words: Scott McMullon

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