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Our Top 5 on-screen moments with the women of Wisteria Lane.

For the past eight years we’ve been glued to our screens thanks to our five favourite women (aside from The Saturdays). We’re not sure about you, but we’re not quite ready to say goodbye. Here is our Top 5 on-screen moments with the women of Wisteria Lane.

Susan Mayer Bares All

Being fairly new to the TV circuit Desperate Housewives wasn’t afraid to take risks, and although occurring a many eight years ago, the thought of getting locked outside our house naked, in front of our hottest neighbour will haunt and humour us for years to come.

Gabrielle Solis VS Sister Mary Bernard

From episode one, Gabrielle established herself as the feisty Latina force not to be reckoned with, especially when someone comes between her and her man. Shame on you Sister Mary!

Bree Van De Kamp Takes Care Of Trouble

While Bree came to be known as the most dignified of the ladies, when George oversteps his boundaries, we learned that even a gun can be cocked with composure.

Lynette Scavo Gets Stoned

She may have been battling cancer but Lynette proved more alive than ever when her mother slipped her some space cakes. Yes, it makes us miss our mother’s cooking too.

Edie Britt’s Departure

She was the Venus flytrap of the neighbourhood, and her constant rivalry with Susan was undeniably hilarious, so it was sad to see Edie go, but nobody expected her last bang to come from electric volts.

Renée’s Rendition

Although sadly, hot husband Mike passed, Renée’s diaphragm was very much alive in a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace that reminded us why Vanessa Williams was famous in the first place.

(We know we said five… But how could we leave out Renée?)

Other beautiful scenes include the hurricanes destruction, Gabrielle facing her past and the supermarket shoot-out.

Desperate Housewives goodies. We're very curious about the PC Game.

Words:Anthony Gilét

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