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Wet, miserable and bored?

Don't be. Here's 10 Tumblrs to ruin your productivity for the rest of the day...

You know how it is when you’re dancing around G-A-Y? Not to the music, but waiting for the toilet queue to go down that is. Scenarios (and pop culture) that we are all-too-familiar with; videos that express the inside jokes of Manchester’s gay scene.

Celebrities know how embarrassing it can be turning up to the Oscars in the same evening gown as someone else. Especially when they wear it better. Imagine how they feel being upstaged by trend-setting dogs.

Here in the GT offices, we know how the stress of working as, and with editors can pile up – as does this Tumblr. Pure Genius.

The crème-de-la-crème of “Mean Girl” moments, from Samantha Jones to Joanna Lumley. Looking for a new witty catchphrase to re-establish yourself as Queen B in the office? We were too.

They may not be sure on what to call themselves, but we’ll call it pretty damn funny. From Family Guy to Jersey Shore, there’s a clip to depict all our weekend emotions.

A website for all the things you’ve thought, but haven’t always said. Short letters that address our feelings to Karma, Mother Nature and of course, Mother-in-law.

With traditional illustrations and modern mottos, this website has a hilariously camp e-card for everybody. And if it doesn’t? Create one.

Every gay man knows that the shameless content of Grindr conversations deserves to be aired like dirty laundry, but what is it about the desperate requests of men that like to sniff our dirty laundry that makes us laugh so much?

Due to the combination of iPhone’s amazing “snap” feature, and its less amazing “autocorrect” feature, we’re able to laugh at the literary mistakes our favourite gadget makes at our expense. And as the site states, “Autocorrect only works when it can make things more awkward”.

Snaps from our favourite films and celeb moments with added alternate captions for your humour.

Words:Anthony Gilét

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