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Spring Awakening relevant to our interests here at GT

A piece of musical theatre with a pop/rock sensibility all about rebelling against the norm and exploring sexuality ticks all the essential boxes for us. Not to mention that it invariably has a cast which includes at least a handful of particularly attractive people, of course.... Because we aren't that shallow.

That's why this production is particularly welcome. It's performed by Sedos, a well-established amateur company who strive to produce theatre which can stand shoulder to shoulder with professional productions. In that, Spring Awakening succeeds admirably.

This production is simply staged - letting the music and performances shine through. The small band deliver a convincing rock feel, under the baton of Ryan Macaulay who - and the performances from cast follow through. Everyone manages to be polished enough to be good, but maintaining a 'raw' edge for that rock feel. Particular credit in that respect should go to Lisa Pilkington playing Ilse and Joe Penny who delivers admirably as Melchior. Less rock-themed, but a lovely
performance nonetheless is Aisling Ridge as Wendla - perfectly capturing the naivety of a sheltered teenager, and the awakening of newly discovered sexuality.

The costume and styling of the piece is well done - managing to portray the period, with a contemporary edge which works well - particularly in the case of Anthony Hagan, whose proto-stoner styled Moritz is a particular treat.

One other performance which should be mention is Andrew Newton, playing Georg, who delivers a particularly convincing on-stage masturbation. Once again though, we should stress... we aren't shallow.

****(4 Stars)

The Bridewell Theatre, Wednesday 9 - Saturday 19 May get tickets here

Words: Luke Morrison

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