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Garbage played live at the Troxy last night.

The gayest gig we've been to in a long time

Drink and phone in hand, we got a bit tweet happy after bumping into everyone we know, so you may have already had this live review as it happened....

@GayTimesMag If you like indie gay boys around the age of 30 they're all in limehouse about to see @garbage play

It was one hell of a nostalgia fest, and the band were on top form - the only gripe soundwise was that from where we were standing the vocals sounded a bit warped and muffly, but we've since listened to stuff on youtube they're fine. Maybe we should've taken a seat upstairs...

AND IT WAS RAINING. There were some 'amusing' twitter jokes about this, but we held back. You hear the crowd shouting "Poooour your misery down on meeeee"? Yeah that might have been us.

@jackcullenuk I'd be a proud father if Shirley Manson was my daughter.

One of their biggest hits was thrown out quite early on.

@GayTimesMag Activate the wind machine #garbage #stupidgirl

@bobchicalors despite shooting him down @jackcullenuk has successfully predicted super vixen and the world is not enough

They even played their Bond song, which obviously reminds us of THIS: [skip to around 4.00]

In short, Garbage basically played All The Hits. Apart from Androgyny.

@bobchicalors Oh no she didunt! Madonna erotica line #garbage she likes walking around in circles

They opened the encore with the best song off the new album, in our humble opinion:

Best Garbage Gig Ever.

Pre order the Garbage Not Your Kind Of People which we gave FIVE STARS in the last issue of GT.

Photo:Elias Tahan

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