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Nelly Furtado is back with a track set to make your ears ring

It would appear that the dearly departed, Pat Butcher, isn't the only woman round town that's partial to a bit of ear-accessorising as Nelly Furtado makes her long-awaited return with her latest single Big Hoops (The Bigger, The Better). Grab a cuppa:
Taken from her latest album The Spirit Indestructible the song's video shows Nelly hanging out with a crew of Native American hula hoopers, supposedly throwing illuminati symbols like there's no tomorrow and generally proving that she is back quite literally bigger and better than ever before as she cruises through the streets on stilts like some kind of street-wise giraffe. And if that wasn't daunting enough for those around her, Miss Furtado shows she can get bigger yet and proceeds stomp round the city in a Godzilla like fashion, all while rocking a medley of - well - big hoops, naturally. In her ongoing quest to keep her material fresh, we also see a new side to Nelly at the tail end of the track as she begins to dabble with DnB, erupting into a breakcore trance and giving her catchy new tune a more modern vibe.
Big Hoops (The Bigger, The Better) is just the first single from the forthcoming album that has been co-written with songwriter-producer, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, who has worked with global stars such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Nelly explains the songs meaning actually comes from her teenage self, "When I was writing it, I kinda came into this mindset of myself at about age 14 you know, growing up in my small town but living, living this life that was full of this wonderful RnB and Hip Hop music that I listened to and it became sort of part of my lifestyle and my friends and I we lived, it was the soundtrack of that time of my life."
The single is set to be released on 3 June, pre orders over here

Words: Ben Saull-Hunt

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