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Breaking news: Hot teenage boys are still in fashion

GT talks about teenage pin-ups and vintage sports shorts with the Spanish makers of fashion’s latest "not gay" magazine

Hot boy blog and (highly addictive) Facebook queen Vanity Teen is finally launching as a proper bonified print issue. Stuffed with tanned syrupy twinks in shoulder pads and tender loins poking out of small elasticated shorts a-go-go, we decided to get in touch and find out what’s going on.
We got more than it expected when their team shared some very hot photos of the editor's favourite models with us. In the meantime, take a look at this new promo video showing the making of the first Vanity Teen print issue, and beneath that have a read of our interview with the Vanity Teen editor-in-chief, a mysterious Spanish gentleman who goes by the moniker of just "Sbastien".

How did Vanity Teen start? I want to spend all day with hot boys too!
It began as a collaboration with the designer Miguel Saburido. We've been photographing and scouting new faces in fashion for years now and we decided to make an online magazine, it’s been really popular and so we’re branching out into print with a launch party planned in New York.
Vanity Teen clearly has favourite boys like Francisco Lachowski and River Viiperi. One boy you shoot a lot is simply called Chico. Who is he?
Chico is a talented guy and a cool person! He was the protagonist of our ninth online issue. River Viiperi is the best male model in Spain right now. There are many new faces but they need time to become stable and successful like River. He has style and knows how to market himself. 
How do you cast models?

I do all the scouting myself, I have agencies in Barcelona informed on what kind of boys I want, so when they get new faces they tell me.
Recently you asked boys to submit their own photos on Facebook, did you find anything good?
Yes, we found a lot of younger talent. We discovered Dario Castillo, a fashion photographer from NYC, and we set up a concept with him and executed it. He is very talented and seventeen. 
Do you like your models to be gay?
Body image and beauty don’t have a sexual preference
And what do you think about gay marriage?
Each person has their form of finding a way to live, either straight or gay. There is an age for everything. The experimental stage is always fun when you're in your youth but once you find somebody to spend your life with it is satisfying.
Do you fall in love with your models?
I fall in love with their looks during the shoots, yes.
Would you ever shoot porn or are boys more beautiful with their clothes on?
I've considered doing nudes before but many people would consider it pornographic. We have to keep Vanity Teen’s audience comfortable, so I guess it's a no. It's a very touchy subject.
Do you have a favourite film director?
I love Gus Van Sant, Harmony Korine, and Larry Clark. My favourite films would have to be the ones I can relate to, adolescent style and problems a teen goes through. 
Which country would you say has the hottest boys?
Brazil has a lot of new promising faces. Can I give a shout out to "Made in Brazil" who are showcasing the hottest models out there? There are hot boys everywhere though. There's beauty all over the world!
We'll have to check out "Made In Brazil". Where is your favourite holiday destination?
NYC - where all the hot boys are.
Have you been to London before?
I've been to London on vacation and I went to see the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Tate. I love Warhol.
What is your favourite item of clothing?
I love vintage basketball and soccer shorts.

Are you a Madonna fan?

I prefer Michael Jackson.
Of course. And what is your favourite drink?
Thanks Sbastien.
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