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After releasing teaser after teaser the new Justin Bieber video has finally arrived

and wow, the Baby singer has grown up.

Although the lyrics of Boyfriend are still quite teen-girl friendly, this is a far cry from the bowling alley of Justin’s first video.

The classic Bieber bowl cut and purple has been swapped for a mature quiff and stylish black leather jacket. The girls in the video have also grown up and are showing a lot more skin than you’d expect. No longer are they covering themselves up, but instead strut up to the singer in short shorts and ripped tops. This may reflect the fact his female fan base is growing up with him, the twitter trending topic to accompany the video’s release was #BoyfriendVideoMadeUsWet – ok girls that is a little too much information.

Overall Justin is maturing nicely. Not only does he sound better and more credible- channeling the coolness of Justin Timberlake from the 00’s- but he looks far better than he ever has done.

He may be 18, which for some of us is a no go age, but for those who have always secretly had a thing for the Biebster, it is no longer something you need to be ashamed of. He is possibly less of a guilty crush than the One Direction Boys. Overall it is nice to see a teen star not go off the rails as soon as he reaches puberty, but then again I suppose there is still time for that yet.

pon de iTunes.

Words: Matthew Isard

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