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Adele's 21 has outsold Thriller

Let's take a look at what we said about it over a year ago...

So the ubiquitous album is now the fifth biggest selling record of all time (in the UK). It's weird to think that we first heard it in January 2011 and that it would turn out to be such a unit-shifting monster. This is what we said about it in GT389:



If, like half of Twitter, you’ve been praising the arrival of Adele’s latest single Rolling In The Deep like it was the second coming, then you’re in for massive treat. She’s only recorded one of ‘those’ albums, set to please the critics and the general public in equal measures. Better clear some space on the mantelpiece in anticipation, Adders, for all those awards white-girl-soul-singers tend to win with the bat of a retro-styled eyelash. We’re not saying she doesn’t deserve it, as Adele is the edgier, hipster-approved version of Duffy; the Marlborough Reds to the Welsh one’s wafery Silk Cuts.
Potential singles like Rumour Has It, ironically (or deliberately) sound like the Gossip drafted in a massive gospel choir and swapped the electric guitar for an acoustic one. Elsewhere we’re serenaded with bluesy twangs, Motown classic vibes and even a country and western fling on Don’t You Remember, which features the all-too-easy to identify with lyric; “but I know I have a fickle heart and a bitterness and wandering eye and a heaviness in my head”.
Give it a few decades, and if she’s still churning out records this good, at 31 she could be a modern Dusty Springfield.

* * * *

So, we could've given it an extra star, but we'll still stand by that review....

There can't be many people left on earth that don't own it, but if you are one of them you can buy it here.

Words: Bob Henderson

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