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Rihanna's Where Have You Been

Down the shops, etc, etc.

Rihanna has shocked and mesmerised us in equal measure with her music videos over the years, and it appears she isn’t planning to reign in her antics anytime soon. The world premiere of Rih’s latest – Where Have You Been – dropped onto the web today, so let’s have a look what she has in store for us this time:

There’s nakedness. Lots of nakedness. Rihanna shows off the abs, back, arms and legs that every 24-year old would desire, before dancing in the desert dressed like Princess Jasmine, surrounded by topless men. Ca-ching.

We’re then led into a dark and dingy tent, where our scantily clad heroine is surrounded by an army of female dancers. There’s hardly a garment between them… but where did all the boys go?

We are treated to more writhing, a lot more skin, a bit more dancing and then we are back in the water where we started.

A promising start but hardly the groundbreaking material we might expect from the superstar, who is usually grasping for controversy wherever she can find it. The tune itself is a stomper, and will have dancefloors all over the world bouncing this summer. Expect plenty of grinding when the DJ spins this one in too.

In other Rihanna news, reports are suggesting that she will be sharing the big-screen with Paul ‘hot’ Walker and Vin ‘buff’ Diesel in The Fast and the Furious 6 as one of the baddies, as her film career seems to be taking off.

She likes chain and whips (frankly, who doesn’t), she has guns inked onto her skin, and she’s almost bared every inch of flesh imaginable over her music video career, so it’s no surprise that Rih has landed herself in a villainous role.

It seems the girl can do no wrong (gossip aside), after recently making her leap onto the silver screen in the huge Sci-fi movie Battleship.

Apparently her performance in the film, and no doubt never-ending famousness, drew the producers to her, and this could be the first of many steps up the Hollywood ladder.

Apparently part of the film is set in London, so keep an eye for more information and you might be able to catch a glimpse of Vin’s biceps being flexed by the Thames.

Where Have You Been is the third single to be released from Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album.

Words: Mark Cockroft

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