GTea Break

We’re your Dreamboys

TV presenter Lizzie Cundy finds herself in the male changing room, the lucky thing.

So, if anything is going to heat up this rainy weather then it’s this cheeky video that has just landed on our desk.

Orchid. from Bang Boom Creative on Vimeo.

Even though we are treated to a whole range of eye candy we still couldn’t help but think 'Lizzie put the brush and hairspray down!' Also we wonder, where is this gym? We need a lifetime membership immediately.

The video was made to support male cancer charity Orchid and even though it’s fun Lizzie Cundy (don’t ever spell that wrong) and the boys are sending out a clear message CHECK YOUR BALLS! It is after all Male Cancer Awareness week.

For more information on this subject that affects over 37,000 men a year visit

Words: Ben Spence

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