GTea Break

Pet shop, boys?

Except it’s not really a shop

Welcome to The London Pet Show, which is at Earls Court 2 on 12 and 13 May. We hope this jumping rabbit is there, but we’ve also been sent a photo of a dog on a skateboard so that would work too.

It’s the largest show of its type in the UK and boasts, it says here, everything from small dogs to small furies (which sounds like our sort of night etc etc). And of course we all know that guys with dogs get all the attention.

Basically, just lead us to the pugs.

And, because we love you as well as our animal friends, we’ve got a 15% discount on tickets if you fancy popping along. Just quote PETED when booking tickets (you can also call 08448737332)

Here’s a video of Jenny The Pug. We hope she’s there.

Awwww. Basically it’s only a matter of time before there’s a pug in the GT offices.

Full Pet Show details.

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