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The new Rebecca Black

Upping the so-bad-it’s-good stakes, we give you Lisa Gail

Nothing seems to be original anymore, but instead everything is the new something. Lady Gaga was the new Madonna, and now Niki Minaji is the new Lady Gaga. Well here is a youtube star that may be upset by her comparison. Meet Lisa Gail, the new Rebecca Black.

Not much can be seen about Lisa Gail from her youtube channel, which she set up in June of last year. But like with Rebecca Black, getting to know her personality ruins the joke that is her video. Just like the tween star, Gail has posted a music video for her own original song Three Second Rule and it is possibly even worse than Friday. The song tells us about how Gail allows her men to look at other women for no more than three seconds. Not only are the vocals out of pitch almost the whole time, but Gail lacks any of the teen charm that made Black’s song that little bit endearing, even if it was incredibly annoying. The video was posted two weeks ago and has five times more dislikes than likes and is rising in infamy with 30,000 hits in just one hour. IN FACT since writing this blog she’s shut down her youtube account at taken it off the internet.

Yeah right, like you can just ‘take’ something off the internet. Someone has put it back:

Not to go all Charlie Brooker on this, but where are the loving friends and family whose duty it is to stop people making fools of themselves? Allowing someone to believe they have a great singing voice is fine in the privacy of their own home or the relative safety of a local karaoke night. But when someone pays good money to make a music video, with dancing cowboys and all, and then upload to the brutal forum that is the Internet it has gone a little too far. Why are people not learning from the mistakes of others? Or is the desire for infamy stronger than common sense? Whatever the reason I hope Lisa Gail has a thick hide, because if Blackgate or the recent backlash to Samtha Brick’s article are anything to go by the Internet does not take kindly to those who think they are better than they are.

Of course, if this song was actually about dropping your boyfriend on the floor for three seconds, we’d love it even more.

Words: Matthew Isard

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