GTea Break

Just when we thought we were sick of Adele

we find out there's a DANCE ROUTINE

Of sorts. Imagine our excitement when we stumbled across this video, which shows what happens when you mix a dollop of performing arts, a dash of butter and a pinch of everyone’s favourite break up song.

This is even more shocking than when Carrie hit the deck on the runway in Sex and the City bless her, but also is undoubtedly hilarious. Pay particular attention to the priceless expression on the butter dancer’s face at 2:51 she looks more shocked than we did after hearing there is going to be a new Spice Girls movie. Only kidding, but imagine…

The video was posted by the Facebook group “Kylie Concerts, Drinking Exotically Coloured Cocktails & Talking About Boys” *Best group name ever award* The title was gained after Supreme Court judge Lord Rodger said that gay people’s right to live freely must be protected: “Just as male heterosexuals are free to enjoy themselves playing rugby, drinking beer and talking about girls with their mates, male homosexuals are to be free to enjoy themselves going to Kylie concerts, drinking exotically-coloured cocktails and talking about boys with their straight female mates.” THANKS FOR THAT.

Now please excuse us as we re-enact this art in the GT office. Tesco brace yourselves your butter sales are about to go through the roof.

Somebody like yoooooooooo on the itunes.

Words: Ben Spence

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