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Gay Man Problem: Sexy Summer Shorts

We caught up with 25-year-old designer Julius Arthur Quinn

And talked about the shorts that are about to send gays spinning into a dizzy haze, and just when you’d finally remembered how to type “Carly Rae Jepsen” into YouTube darn it...
Whether it’s Waughian river swimming in rural France, ménage-a-trois-making on a moonlit beach in Sitges, a tipsy Morrison’s picnic in the park or just stomping along Wardour Street like you’re anybodys, I think you’ll agree that having a set of killer shorts for summer is everything. Even you gays who “don’t do” fashion, we’ve seen you spinning the racks in Burton with a crinkled nose...
Every summer brings the same mission: “GET SHORTS!” and the fashion-conscious amongst you start flapping like wasps around a Fab packet. Some of you say “I’ll just take these ones from last summer on holiday”, only to arrive and see that douche-bag on Sunlounger Number 6 with his blood-orange Hacketts. “That’s it!” you cry, and march off to the Lacoste boutique with a glacial-look in your eye.
You need something unusual, something that makes other men want to rip their tops off, pour a jug of Pimms down their chest and start jiving in front of you. You can stick to the staple favourites, Lauren, Hilfiger and the block-colour party starfish-print razzmatazz of that whole white-hair parade, but let’s face it – you’re never going to win that way, you’ll always come in Grade B.
Meanwhile on Planet Fashion, designers are sweating for the top slot. They want to be this summer’s thigh-porn and they want their ideas not Ralph’s clamped around your anus.
Well this summer a little-known boy from Cornwall called Julius Arthur Quinn has arrived on the scene, and he’s here to win...
Hi Julius, nice shorts, we think they're going to be a big hit with the gays this summer, do you have a personal favourite?
The limited edition shorts are my favourite, next to the black tulip. We want to see people sharing their photos of themselves in the shorts and having a good time this summer.
What kind of designer do you want people to see you as? How would you like others to describe your work?
Cheeky, Popping, dramatic. I suppose it depends if I am doing mens or womens clothing. Womens is more influenced wherease the mens stuff is more spontaneous.
Don’t you think this whole Cath Kidston flower-revival is over?
It's nothing to do with Cath Kidston....! Womenswear this season is showing a strong surge in power florals from all over the world. I have taken that trend and applied it to menswear for the season. Menswear is usually influenced by womenswear so power florals for men will be a thing in the next few seasons...
What kind of stuff are the other students at fashion college making? Did any of your fellow students really stand out? Basically, we want the tip off on tomorrow's next big designer...
I graduated two years ago from Brighton University, the best students that I knew now work for the H&M group so make of that what you will. I am a struggling artist and have made all of my clothes on a shoe string of a budget. Still, I’m determined to be independent and start my own brand, then we will see who collaborates with who!
Are there any fashion designers that you see yourself as being derivative of, or a bit of a successor to? Basically, that timeless question, who inspires you...
As a Designer you don't want to associate yourself too much with another designer, but I crave the artistic skills of Katie Eary, and Henry Holland.
Let’s talk about yesterday’s cool kids. Do you prefer Christopher Kane or Gareth Pugh?
Don't do that to me! Christopher Pugh. I love them both.
Kirtsy Allsopp or Davina McCall?
Allsopp every time!
Money or true love?
True love that I bought with money.....No, I jest. I am a massive true love believer but I lost mine so I’ll take the money.
Who’s your muse? A boyfriend, a crush from your school days perhaps or a particular celebrity?
I have a passion with me to do the things that I love to do and I’m supported by my friends and family. My muses change with my moods, I love the Kardashians right now and I have a guilty crush on Joey Essex. A boyfriend? No, I am single.
While we're on the subject of boys, who else is so hot right now? Throw some names at me.
That list is endless and very difficult to narrow down! Four of this season’s faves would be River Viiperi, he is in the number one spot. Then Aaron Frew, Danny Denkmayer and Samuel Kneen (this year’s Mr Gay UK!) I could go on and on...
How much money does a boy need to make a good outfit?
That depends, I would love to be dressed in Tom Ford all day every day but I make do with a good bargain now and again. I haven’t paid full price for anything in the last two years.
What were you wearing the first time you entered a bar?
A uniform!
Shop yourself the Julius Arthur Quinn collection now.
And remember to send Julius a photo of yourself in the shorts too @thehouseofquinn.

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