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Channing Tatum. As a male stripper.

New film Magic Mike looks set to be rammed full of Hollywood male nudity.

It’s finally here, the trailer that will introduce every gay man to their summer’s guilty pleasure, the trailer for Magic Mike. For those who don’t know about this film, prepare to have your…minds…blown.

Magic Mike is a story all about the world of male stripping. Now this has been done before, with the 90s Brit-comedy The Full Monty, but what captures our interest over this particular one is the cast. The film is full of hot men including Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, and Channing Tatum as the title character. Someone call 999 as it just got very hot in here! *cue Chippendales entrance and innuendo overload*

The plot of Magic Mike is that an established and popular stripper (Tatum) takes a novice under his wing (Pettyfer). In doing so he meets a girl who tries to convince him to get out of the stripping business. This story is nothing new, but the amount of shirtless scenes of both Tatum and Pettyfer, sometimes together, is probably worth going to see. We hope that they haven't totally drained the subject material of it's inherent homoeroticism, and really want it to be a bit more like this in places too:

Not only does Magic Mike look great (check out the amount of pecs and abs in the trailer alone) it may also have a bit of substance. Steven Soderbergh who directed both Eric Brockovich and Ocean’s Eleven is in the director’s chair and part of the screen play is based on Tatum’s own experiences as a stripper in Florida. With this type of insider experience it may give the film the extra emotional content that makes it more than just a great bit of eye candy.

Words Matthew Isard

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