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The OTHER Queen's Jubilee

Glambert and Queen to rock the London stage after all

It's back on people! Just weeks after the cancellation of Sonisphere 2012, Queen have confirmed they WILL be performing in the UK alongside American Idol runner up and current-issue-of-GT interviewee Adam Lambert after all. We. Absolutely. Cannot. Wait. We think this is genius.

“I’m so thrilled that Queen found a way to ensure that the fans will get to see this event this summer," says Glambert. "I can’t wait to be in London to perform with Queen for these incredibly special shows!”

Brian May – who's clearly got a soft spot for pop music, what with his defense of Kitty's Who Wants To Live Forever on last year's X Factor and randomly joining Mel C on stage at a gig of hers a few months back - added "somehow the venue seemed right. It's the perfect place to acknowledge our faithful fans, and will be a fitting return to our roots!"

Although Adam will undoubtedly be scrutinised for stepping into the legendary Freddie Mercury's (hopefully heeled from the I Want To Break Free video) shoes, just remember; you can’t please everyone. Oh, and we'll try and get Susan Boyle to write a review but we can't promise anything.

The gigs take place on July 11 and 12 at HMV Hammersmith Apollo.

For tickets, click here.

Words: Tiffany Sweeney and Jamie Tabberer

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