GTea Break

Drag Queens! Fried Chicken!

It's just all TOO MUCH

Firstly, that screengrab is basically Sex In The City 3.

And it moves! Watch this:

We'll be honest, we're not quite sure what this homophobic fast food retailer is all about, but we love a finger lickin' queen with attitude.

Lyrically, this song comes straight out of the House Of Boogaloo, but they've put in some serious extra curricular hours into the production, video shoot, everything. And they can all sing and rap, so despite (or because of) the whole sassy schtick, it's actually quite a good song.

You know, if you like comedy American soft rock.

On iTunes, obviously. Now, can someone do a Chicken Cottage equivalent? (Because we spend a lot of time in there, not because they're homophobic, JUST to be clear).

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