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Steady On Scientist!

It seems Seventeen Evergreen have been a bit slow to hop on the MGMT bandwagon, because from the sounds of things, that’s all they’ve been listening to of late. The San Francisco duo are described on their Wikipedia page as ‘psychedelic rock with electronic experimentation,’ which immediately conjures thoughts of something a little try-hard and a possibly a bit of a nuisance. A bit like a screaming child sat at the table next to you in a restaurant.

However, on their new album Steady On Scientist! (ignore the unnecessary and downright annoying exclamation mark,) they get off to a more than promising start with trippy beats and nostalgia inducing vocals on Polarity Song, accompanied by a thumping chorus and acoustic strumming juxtaposed underneath twangs of harsh electric. And third track President Clavioline, is a fast paced, play it in your headphones while you’re walking down the street and feel godlike track. But from there on, things start to take a dive.

A few songs in and it’s a little like being on a packed tram carriage whilst trying to check your Blackberry, show the conductor your ticket, and shoo away a whiffy tramp at the same time. There’s simply too much going on. Verging on the short side with just eight tracks, there are splashes of folk pop slung in among the general electro mush and the smooth synths tend to offer an occasional break from the clash of noisy beats. Things get a bit boring on Flourescent Kind, a blatant wishy washy rip-off of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, which arguably, minus the OTT dancing, wasn’t that brilliant to begin with.

In fact, the most inspiring thing to come out of it is the video for Polarity Song, which sees the pair don multi-coloured knitted ensembles whilst smashing up porcelain and whizzing paint up in blenders.

The video aside, it’s less ‘Steady On Scientist’ and more ‘try not to fall asleep on the Bunsen burner.’

If you happen to like MGMT (and that above song) you can still buy a copy of SOS over here

Words: Clémence Flamée

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