Jack Cullen

Boogaloo Killed The Video Star

Gay nightlife legend and high-heeled fashion blister Boogaloo Stu is about to tour England...

... with his disco-theatre feast Pop Magic – a show in which the audience are given the chance to collectively record a pop song and make an accompanying music video with costumes and a dance routine, all packaged and uploaded onto YouTube within an hour – giving you perhaps the world’s most condensed insight into pop music production.
But fear not, nobody is forced to get involved and Boogaloo is there to lead the show along its glittery course – in fact much of the time is spent sitting down and listening to his hilarious semi-autobiographical history lesson in pop music. Also on hand are Boogaloo’s love-worn dance troupe apprentices the Sparklemotion Showponies who offer dance routine advice and workshopping. They look like the girls from The Shining, if the girls from The Shining grew up, became Dolly Parton impersonators and spent a year fending for themselves in the ice forests of Narnia.
So, whether you want to piece together insane costumes, devise dance routines, write inappropriate lyrics of sing in your best Toyah voice, Pop Magic is an ingenious and artistically brilliant piece of entertainment. We sent Bob, Dylan and Jack along to a London preview show and they ended up starring in this song “Take My Love, Have a Heart”:

As you can probably tell, Jack had started drinking in the morning, Dylan was still clubbing from the night before and Bob had just finished a ten hour editorial shift. Since recording the song the band The Honking Beans sadly disbanded following an unattended concert on the smoking terrace at Central Station pub in Kings Cross. We’re hoping the blonde backing dancer will hit provincial piers with her own one-woman show soon though.
The tour dates for Pop Magic are below, and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go.  Grab your housemates, your step-dad, the boy you met last night, an old friend who’s passing through town, anyone – and just go. Boogaloo Stu is a living work of art whose uncut genius is a rare crystal just waiting to be mined.
If you want to see some even more hilarious music videos from previous Pop Magic parties in Brighton then take a look at this special page on the Boog’s website here:
Our personal favourite is the 2011 hit Didn’t You Notice My Chicken Nuggets?, also Jack can be spotted as a backing dancer in Come on Stud (Help me Peel These Spuds)> – Some gays just can’t enough.
Pop Magic Dates:
28th April - Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot
3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th May – Nightingale Theatre, Brighton
8th - 10th June - Camden People's Theatre, London
17th June - Emmanuel College, Cambridge
23rd June - Postcards Festival at Jackson's Lane, London
20th July - Hungerford Arts Festival

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