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Katy Perry does a Justin Bieber

Not literally, you understand. She's releasing a 3D film.

The ex-Mrs Brand has released the trailer of her upcoming 3D concert movie Katy Perry: Part of Me, and it looks set to be everything you would expect from the first lady of catchy pop.

Since she burst onto the scene with her love of cherry chapstick, her lyrics have been stuck in our heads, and her unique style has brought colour back into our lives.

This is a far cry from the opening of the trailer, which shows Perry talking about her “100% Christian” upbringing, before launching into a full scale all singing, all dancing stage show. Cue pyrotechnics, candy canes, an ice cream cone hat and all manner of fabulousness.

Concert films have been around for a while, but the recent surge in 3D has seen an increase in mainstream pop productions, including Glee's and Miley Cyrus's. Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never stepped further into the biographical field, featuring footage of his childhood (although last time we checked he was still very much a child), and Part of Me looks set to do the same for Katy Perry.

Worryingly, Perry is claiming that the film heralds the end of the Teenage Dream chapter of her life. Could this mean an end to the iconic hair colours, sugary outfits and inventive backdrops? We beg you Katy, don’t change too much! You’re perfect as you are. Just not when you sang Firework on X Factor. OW.

Katy Perry: Part of Me is out 4 July in USA, although the UK release date is yet to be announced. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Words: Laura Reynolds

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