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STOP PRESS: Made in Chelsea returns tonight

"Yeah totes, man, totes, yeah, of course."

Clear your diaries and grab the TV remote: Made in Chelsea returns tonight for a third series. For the trailer – in which the cast dress up like extras from Steps's It's The way You Make Me Feel video and spurt Champagne at each other – scroll down. And if the comings, goings, sexual exploits and who’s-with-who and who-hates-who-ing (bit of a mouthful) of the country's most famous Sloane Rangers has got you all confused, fear not. We have recapped our top moments/plot devices of previous episodes for your enjoyment.

Ollie announces his bisexuality

Knock us down with a feather. Ollie realises he is not entirely straight and is now seeking a pre-emptive drum roll (and the obligatory long pause) as he comes out to best friend Binky. Her response? “ Babe, I know. I know…you have longer hair than me.” We hate to say we told you so, but with those flowing locks, more foundation than the female cast members combined, and his make-up for men video guides, it was never beyond the realms of possibility, was it? We can't wait to see what he's wearing in tonight's episode. We're crossing our fingers for an Ugly Betty-style poncho.

Millie’s revelation

Ex-boyfriend Hugo and best friend Rosie have been doing the dirty and Millie makes sure everyone knows about it by announcing it at Mark and Francis’s birthday party. Cue fireworks (although we’re pretty sure they were pre-planned), shock, and more loooong, inexplicable awkward pauses *looks left, looks right, looks ahead, twiddles thumbs, commence end credits* The third series needs a lily pond for the girls to fight in.

Hugo and Spencer's bromance

Despite Fredrik and Francis’ attempts at “sharing” Agne, the real bromance of MIC is between Hugo and Spencer. The pair are rarely separated, except when attempting to woo their respective women, and even then they are never far apart. Cue lots of play-fighting/head rubbing and BOYISH BANTER. Aaaaaw/phwoaaar etc.

Some verging on boring will-they won't-they stuff

Spencer and Caggie have been dancing round each other since the first episode, resulting in the demise of Spencer’s relationship with Funda. He declared his love for Caggie, she turned him down. He implemented plan B, which turned her off altogether. Cue an airport dash and another series of shenanigans before it is finally announced in Finland that something happened between them. Nobody really knows what.

Ollie’s “curveball” in the park

Poor Ollie. Like a rather well turned out rabbit caught in diamond encrusted headlights, he inadvertently lands himself his first date with a guy, all while trying to help out his friend Cheska, who is going through a dry patch herself. And his date is STONKING hot.

Made in Chelsea is on E4 tonight at 10pm

Words: Laura Reynolds and Jamie Tabberer

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