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Getting fruity in Soho

Mango with everything, are you Madd?

Madd, of course, being the name of the London-based establishment we’re talking about and not some hideous typo. Though you probably couldn’t blame us after several of the shots and/or cocktails you can have there. Who are we trying to kid, there was no and/or about it, it was just ‘and’.

So let’s not even GO THERE that Madd on Rupert Street used to be, like, our favourite second hand CD and DVD store EVER, Cheapo Cheapo Records until it vanished one day. (The contents, not the actual building – the cocktails weren’t that strong).

But we have to accept that it’s never coming back, despite the fact that everything else seems to having a comeback. ANYWAY. MANGOES. This is basically somewhere you can come just for dessert (and booze) but almost every single dessert (and booze) contains mango. There are a couple of non-mango options, but when in Rome (or Rupert Street)...

Actually, whatever you’re eating, whatever you’re doing just go and have the siam. It’s a sweet coconut sticky rice and it’s incredible. We’ll be honest, we were sharing it so we had to be nice, but really we just wanted to eat the lot. It’s that good. And there’s a vague recollection that it’s healthy (so we’re going to go with that, even though that memory might be a little hazy).

The staff are lovely, the cocktails delicious and we’ve found a new favourite pudding (that we think might be healthy) – we’d be mad not to love it...

Madd is at 53 Rupert Street, London. Full details can be found here.

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