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New Doctor Who assistant not Time Lord’s boyfriend

This is why you should never believe what you read on the internet

Apart from if we’ve said it obviously, in which case it must be true. And of course we didn’t think for one second that it would ever be true that the new TARDIS traveller would in fact be the Doctor’s boyfriend – we’re just mentioning that lunatic online notion for a laugh. And so that we can mention that Rory gets off with the Doctor in one of the comics.
But that would just be salacious, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, the point is [Yes, do get on with it – The Internet] that last week we went to the press conference that announced the new companion.

So, as you’ll know already (yes thanks ‘being ill’, that was timely of you) it’s former Emmerdale actress Jenna-Louise Colman that’s stepping aboard the TARDIS as of the Christmas special.

She’s in Titanic at the moment (ITV1, Sundays), she auditioned for Doctor Who before Christmas last year. She speaks faster than Matt apparently. She’s “beyond excited” and says when she found out she’d got the part: “I was in Marks and Spencers holding an avocado. I was debating what goes best in a salmon salad.”

For the nerdier among you – worry not, we’re the same – the name of the show Jenna said she was auditioning for so that no-one found out was Men On Waves – an anagram of ‘woman seven’.

What else did we find out? Spoilers sweetie...

Executive producer and head writer Steven Moffat told us about the number of episodes headed our way:
“Six of them will come out this year, including the Christmas special and then eight in the next year after Christmas.”
Then rather intriguingly he said: “There’ll be more episodes than just those eight, but these are the ones we’re making right now.”

But given that next year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we’d be surprised if something special didn’t pop up.
When asked about Jenna’s character Steven said he could tell us: “Absolutely nothing, you’re going to have to wait and see. Absolutely nothing, not even the name.”

What we did get out of him though is that:

“Amy and Rory will leave in the fifth one, a final encounter with the Weeping Angels and not everyone gets out alive. And I mean it this time.”

And apparently the Daleks are back, but we must have missed anyone mentioning that. But it’s true, you’ve read it here.

Other moments you might not have read elsewhere: When Jenna was asked if she was looking forward to kissing the Doctor, she deflected the question to Steven, who answered: “I’m not looking forward to kissing the Doctor at all, but it’s something I accept as part of my job.”

And when Steven was questioned on always casting a young female companion, he replied: “I think Arthur Darvill would be astonished to hear that he’s a young female companion, I can’t wait to text him on the subject...”

So he’s still winning on the deadpan humour (and Executive Producer Carole Skinner was also there, looking very bloody cool indeed) but we still don’t really know anything about the new companion.

So here’s a shiny new trailer:

Doctor Who returns to BBC One in the Autumn

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