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Tulisa releases video for new single, Young

(six weeks before its physical release...go figure)

There's nothing more delicious than judging a talent show judge, is there? But as Tulisa's such a nice girl (we'll warn you now, we're not going down any piss-takey cheap shot roads with this one), we're going to issue our feedback in a Dannii-esque way – that is to say, warmly and constructively. As opposed to a needlessly mean Simon-esque way. Or an incomprehensible, screamy Kelly-esque way. Or a "little Lenny Henry" Louis-esque way.

The overall feeling is, we really like it. The hook's wonderfully anthemic (although we can imagine the lyrics getting verrrry repetitive very quickly – a little variation wouldn't have gone amiss). We're also pleasantly surprised at how strong her vocals are. For those of us who'd rather club ourselves around the head than listen to an N-Dubz song this might even be the first time we've properly heard her sing, bar the few lines she had during her duet with Little Mix at last year's X Factor finals.

What we can't understand is why the video's come out so long before the single's actual official release (6 May, in case you're wondering). Won't its impact have long worn off by then? Not that it makes a weak impact mind you. She's really gone to town with the "forgive us for what we have done, for we're young" plot device, with her and her crew, spearheaded by a LOVELY looking beardy boy designated driver, running riot all over Miami. For the record, the hilariously tacky Camden market-looking outfits and the Louis Vuitton luggage (of the brown, popular-with-chavs-in-2003 variety) we're willing to forgive. But the defacing of art and the kidnapping of a baby goats we are not.

Other than this, we're impressed. Good for you, Tulisa.

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