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Another come back - this time Alexander Bard

A god among pop musicians, up to his usual tricks

If you don't know who Alexander Bard is, then you need some Army Of Lovers, BWO and Alcazar in your life. It's the kind of thing vomit inducing phrases like 'pure pop perfection' where invented to describe and he's back back back with a new project called Gravitonas.

Apparently he's teamed up with a cute cub and is taking Sweden by storm. Gravitonas' singer certainly looks like the kind of chap we'd run into once a month at Stunners, and the whole steam-punk vibe they've gone for adds to their queer mystique.

Deserves to be a hit, though it'll be lucky if it "does an Agnes" and manages to creep onto the Soho playlists in a couple of months time...

Still, the Gravitonas Black Ceremony EP (featuring Call Your Name) is on iTunes. And Spotify. Other downloading services are available.

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