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Prora premier at the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Like films? Like gays? Like culture? Well then it’s your lucky day.

For those of you who are unaware (pay attention guys; issue 405, page 62, okay?), today marks the launch of the 26th annual London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Bringing together work from some of the industry’s newest talents alongside vintage classics and artist workshops, the festival continues going from strength to strength, with this year’s theme ‘Explode Your Expectations’.

Among the films being exhibited comes Prora, the first release from television director and gay rights activist Stephane Riethauser. Intriguingly set in a deserted German communist military complex, this short subtitled film follows the relationship between two very different adolescents in a summer of self-exploration. Well shot and featuring some promising upcoming talents in the form of Tom Gramenz and Swen Gippa, Prora is a moving story of youth, love and friendship.

Making its world premier ahead of screenings in cities such as Cannes, Zurich and Turrin, the piece is screened along side five other short films exploring life, love and adolescence, in a collection entitled I Don’t Know What To Say.

Prora (Teaser) from Stéphane Riethauser on Vimeo.

Tickets for all the films are moving fast, but we recommend you check out what you can. Other films include our current love, Weekend, and 1960s classic SpartacusSpartacus, and it’s a great way to get one up on your friends in the culture-stakes, not that we encourage such rivalry of course…

For more films, events and details on the festival check out the LLGFF website.

Words: Luke Campbell

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