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Carly Rae Jepsen

Amazing song, not so amazing gay "twist".

So it's another one of those 'pretty white straight girl throws herself at a stupidly ripped gay guy' videos, which was funny in Clueless, but that was in 1995 and a lot of water has passed under that well worn bridge by now.

We were talking about this song last night and were told she's "from the Canadian X Factor or something" which is pretty much what it says on Wikipedia. It's one of those songs that you already feel like you've heard a million times before, and we're guessing (much like the instrumental version of Firework) it's already been on a bunch of tv idents, subliminally worming its way into our songs-we-know list.

That look of emodude mock horror at the end makes us want to hate this song. But we don't.

De de doo, itunes maybe...

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