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Wanna see Bradley swing? Wanna see Rachel do her thing?

Of course you do, so S Club 7 are back!

It’s no secret that we love a pop comeback, so image our glee this morning as we learnt that our favourite pop septet might be reforming (we’ll give you a hint, it involved a flawless rendition of the Bring It All Back dance routine. Flawless.)

If it’s true, after almost 9 years of pop-mouring we can finally dry our eyes as S Club 7 reunite. Having reportedly signed a seven-figure deal (that’s a figure for each of them then), the group have promised a string of UK shows and the potential for two, yes two, albums.

While the fact that it’s been 13 years since their debut leaves us feeling older than we’d like to, we’re digging out the camouflage cargo-trousers and dusting off the tank tops (they go wonderfully with our slippers and pipe) to make sure we’re ready.

It’s not the first time that the group had been approached to reform, and fans might remember seeing Jo, Bradley and Paul at some low-key club performances in 2010 (we’re not ones to boast, we were totally got a photo with them). But now, finally, the time is right for the seven-piece to Bring It All Back, something that hasn’t been seen since Paul’s departure in 2002 (it still hurts us to talk about it, almost as much as that awful Bring It All Back reference actually).

With this combined with yesterday’s news of the PWL reunion gig, it’s like all our pop-Christmases have come at once and quite frankly we cannot wait. But wait we must unfortunately, as official dates are yet to be announced.

Instead of killing time refreshing the Ticketmaster homepage though, why not do something useful and brush up on moves yourself? We don’t want to get lonely dancing down there at the front after all. Naturally we’ve already got the routine under wraps, so if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to practice our vocals.

Don’t shame yourself by forgetting the words, S Club are on iTunes

Words: Luke Campbell.  

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