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Humperdinck plumps for a ballad

Down tools, our Eurovision song has been revealed!

Dust off your flags and get the metaphorical cheeseboards at the ready, there’s a definite scent of Eurovision in the air.

Though the big night might not be until May (Saturday the 26th, not that we should have to remind you), excitement for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has peaked, and arguably fallen, with the revelation of Engelbert Humperdinck’s song choice – the ballad Love Will Set You Free.

After premiering on the Eurovision website, the song has received what one might call a mixed response (oh be nice, the man’s 75 for crying out loud). But Engelbert was confident that his crooning can reel in the votes, recently telling The Sun – with the kind of lionhearted gusto we can only imagine - “I can bring this home”. He’s since gone on to add; “the more you listen to it the stronger it gets, it's not a one-time listen”, which is actually quite unfortunate given the way in which Eurovision works.

But before we’re quick to write this off, let us take heed of a few facts:

Our previous takes on Euro-Pop clearly weren’t cutting it (sorry Blue).

Mr. Humperdinck has sold over 150 million records worldwide.

The song has been penned by Grammy award-winning producer Martin Terefe and Sacha Skarbek, who co-wrote Lana Del Rey's Born To Die.

Jimi Hendrix was once Engelbert’s guitarist (not entirely relevant, but pretty damn rock and roll). He also uses a logo made of the letters EH under a crown. We like this.

We can never be sure what goes through our neighbours’ heads whilst voting anyway, aside from the tactical stuff of course (we’re looking at you Greece and Cyprus).

Maybe things aren’t looking so bad. Essentially what Engelbert has delivered is a strong ballad. It’s catchy enough and packs a key change that would make Beyoncé proud. As a country it’s not as though we’ve not fought for the underdog before (enough people seem to follow the football, at least), so let’s get behind our entry and give it the chance it deserves. After all, while a ballad may not be the usual war cry with which to lead our nation to battle, it’s a brave choice and one that just so happened to work for Katrina too.

For more glorious crooning, find Engelbert Humperdinck on iTunes

Words: Luke Campbell

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