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5 reasons why we're going to see Xiu Xiu tonight

It doesn't involve stuffed toys or cigarettes

1. We liked the single Hi more than Victoria Beckham.

2. The songs of Xiu Xiu are so beautifully miserable it makes sense that it should be a communal outpouring of grief about how pathetically pointless our lives are. They also make us angry and want to dance at the same time which is confusing, but ultimately liberating.

3. The last album Always is amazing. They sneak in tunes and politics all over the place.

4. Someone told us there will be RISQUE PERFORMANCE ART. In our experience, 87% of live music is improved by the presence of risque performance art.

5. There probably won't be any Rihanna tunes, but if there are, it will sound like this:

There are 26 tickets left if you want to join us.

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