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The Madonna MDNA interview that never was

"I'm still tween friendly"

If you are a fan of Madonna, there is nothing to see here. Move along.

Seriously, you bought American Life? LOOK AWAY. Have you pre ordered it? Go do that.

Now, the rest of you watch this:

Doesn't the lady reporter Damiana Garcia look familiar?


No, Michael Lucid has yet to wedge himself into the British public consciousness, however, for a few avid fans who have devoured his lo-budget, hi-comedy sketches as Pretty Thingsss, you no longer look at boxes of hair dye the same way, you're suspicious of people called Tamara and people look at you funny when you repeat and part-sing the words "whaaat if? whaaat if?"

It's a very specific, cheaply made and deliberately awkward comedy. We can't even bring to mind how Madonna speaks on camera, but this rendition captures something, and the whole sketch mocks the whole tv interview process perfectly. If you can see past the fact it's been edited with a spoon, there are some big laughs in there.

Now if you don't mind, we're off to pleasure ourselve with an ipad.

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