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Who Wants to Be a Mumllionaire

(you know, like Millionaire)

We love our mums at GT. Over the years they’ve served us well, making sure we’ve been fed, watered and always with Petula Clark record to hand (honestly, why we don’t have wives and children is beyond us).

Thankfully once a year we have the chance to give something back. We’re not talking about their birthdays (make that two times a year), Christmas (okay three), or even those occasional weekends where we should really pop home to visit (really, we give up). We are of course talking Mother’s Day.

Being the wonder child that you are, you’ve probably booked a daytrip, ordered flowers and made dinner reservations already. But just in case you’ve been kept too busy choreographing your own routines to, say, Madonna’s new releases, we’ve got a handy backup plan.

The old favourite Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is back with a live Mother’s Day Special, in which three celebs will compete with, wait for it… their mums! Not only is it handy given the common knowledge that mums love old favourites, but also because it stars none other than Corrie’s Antony Cotton (and chances are that your mum loves Corrie too). Also in the chair are Whitechapel’s Steve Pemberton and ex-Eastender Samantha Womack (or Ronnie Mitchell, as your mum will say).

You can tell her how you thought it’d be nice to play along as a team and even order in a take-away, whilst your wallet breathes a sigh of relief and your mind recounts the steps for Girls Gone Wild. What’s more, with the pairs competing for worthy causes, including the Albert Kennedy Trust – a voluntary organisation to support troubled LGBT youths – you can prove to just what a charitable and well-rounded son she’s raised.

Afterwards just sit back and complacently wait for the introduction of Son’s Day. Let’s be honest, she’ll owe you.

Live Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: A Mother’s Day Special airs Sunday 18 March, 8.30pm on ITV1.

Words: Luke Campbell

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