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Jake Gyllenhaal gets his hands dirty.

Be honest now, have you ever wondered what Jake Gyllenhaal would look like as a mass-murderer?

There are probably some very serious questions you need to ask yourself if you answered yes there, but in the meantime we’ve some good news in the form of The Shoes’ latest music video, Time To Dance.

Naturally when we heard the words ‘Jake Gyllenhaal’ and ‘music video’ we found it hard to contain our squeals of excitement (let’s take a minute to remember him in Prince of Persia, shall we?), but our innocent wishes were tossed aside as we instead followed him on a killing rampage.

You don’t have to be a psychopath to enjoy it though as the producers thoughtfully remembered to include a shot of him in a towel (3:08, don’t mention it) and with its upbeat and contemporary electro sound, the latest offering from the French duo is cheery enough too.

In short it’s worth a look – did we mention it’s got Jake Gyllenhaal in it?

NB: It’s actually quite horrific, so you might want to hide behind a sofa or something if you’re of a nervous disposition. And if it gets too much, just start chanting “L! U! V! Madonna!” over the top.

Pre order the song on itunes

Words: Luke Campbell

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