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Alphabeat are back

and channeling 80s Madonna

As is usual with 'ver beat' as they might have been known in 1983 (were they in a band an not busy being born), they're top heavy on the tunes, and only slightly let down by the painfully simple lyrics. On their new single Vacation they occasionally stumble onto a winner when they embrace the unusual phrasing that comes to an English-as-a-second-language speaker. Our favourite: "By now I think you know, sad faces are a no-go".

On the plus side, they've gone back to their guitar led, group sang, woo-hooing gay abandon that made them popular in the first place. Not a dodgy house piano riff in sight. Sadly, there is no avoiding the fact it sounds like Madonna mega-hit, Holiday. Which isn't necessarily a case for sad face.

They've got an album coming out at the end of summer. This summer, next summer, who knows.

Oh and although the single is mainly being punted in their motherland Denmark, you can still get your mitts on it as it was released today.

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