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Lord of the Flies

Stantonbury Campus Theatre, Milton Keynes

Whether you’ve watched the film, studied the book in school or enjoyed that infamous Simpsons episode, most people have come across William Golding’s classic story in one way or another, and rightly so. It’s a disturbing yet timeless tale of how morality can diminish in the face of survival, as it follows a group of schoolboys who crash land onto a desert island. With no one else around, the boys’ sense of right and wrong descends into human nature at its most primal and sinister, with deadly results.

Sell A Door are a company that pride themselves in producing theatre for audiences of all ages and tastes, with a slight target towards young people. They succeed greatly with LOTF, which follows their stellar production of Spring Awakening and continues their central theme this year; of the often difficult journey from the innocence of childhood to the realities of adulthood.

Their version of Nigel Williams’ stage adaptation begins with a welcome change of scenery, from the classroom to the more aptly masculine school gym, and their impressive prop and set design makes the huge shift in setting effortlessly believable. The physical theatre’s powerful choreography is a delight to behold, which captures both the audience and the boyish aggression of the characters.

Another delight is that the cast get near-naked, which makes us thankful that they’re all in their twenties, showcasing their impeccable talent at managing to portray young children. Stand-out performances include the adorable Daniel Ash as Percival, the comic asset Daniel Buckley as Piggy, Matthew Grace in all his Simon-playing manic wonder, Michael Tantrum as a gloriously dopey Maurice, and the utterly delectable Ben Wiggins, making us want to join Team Ralph ourselves.

Following a widely acclaimed first run of the production, this is Sell A Door’s second nationwide tour of Lord of the Flies. We’re sure it won’t be their last.


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Words: Sam Reynolds

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